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About the Podcast

The Legacy Code Rocks podcast was created in 2016 in hopes that we could change the way developers and others engage with and talk about software systems that they inherit by others. Founders Andrea Goulet and M. Scott Ford thought that they would make an attempt by having great conversations with others who are also passionate about maintaining software.

So often, people use legacy code as a pejorative term. The kind of thing that you never want to be accused of building, the kind of project that no one wants to touch, the kind of codebase that devs are eager to rewrite from scratch. This is the kind of mentality that this show is out to shift.

Most episodes are less than 1 hour long. We've published 160 episodes so far, and we still have a lot more that we'd like to explore and say.

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Legacy Code Rocks

Legacy Code Rocks explores the world of modernizing existing software applications.


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