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Connect with Menders

Legacy Code Rocks isn't just a podcast. It's also a thriving community. There are several ways that you can connect with other listeners. Check out the options below.

Join Us on Slack

Stay in the know with Slack. Share resources, discuss blog articles, find jobs, ask technical questions, mentor others, and more. All while getting to know the other 1,000 people who have already signed up.

Attend Our Virtual Meetup

Every Wednesday at 1pm Eastern Time, you can join menders from around the world to learn from each other, participate in code katas, hash out project challenges, and more.

Network and Learn At MenderCon

Legacy Code Rocks launched an annual conference, MenderCon which is focused on exploring the joy in all things related to software maintenance and improvement.

Explore Example Codebases

We feel strongly that examining codebases can be a great way to learn. We've compiled and continue to nurture a list of notable codebases that have source code available. Want to see the code that landed humans on the moon? Want to dig into the source for the first web browser? Come and take a peek at Awesome Legacy Code on GitHub.

Improve This Website

The source code for this website is published on GitHub as an open source project. If you see something that you'd like to change, please open up a pull request or create an issue.

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Legacy Code Rocks

Legacy Code Rocks explores the world of modernizing existing software applications.


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