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103: Geeking Out About Keyboards with Jesse Vincent

We talk a lot about software on this show. But in this episode, we steer away from our usual practice and look at one piece of hardware that every computer user is in touch with the most.

Yes, it is a keyboard!  

Today we talk with Jesse Vincent - a software developer turned hardware manufacturer. Jesse is best known for his work with the Pearl programming language and the ticket-tracking system Request Tracker. However, since he invented one of the most comfortable keyboards on the market - now sold-out Keyboardio Model 01 - many associate him with hardware production. 

Jesse doesn't hold back. He reveals many secrets of modern hardware manufacturing and how to use your software experience to organize your production process. 

When you finish listening to the episode, make sure to support the production of the new Keyboardio Model 100 on Kickstarter (ends July 31, 2021), connect with Jesse on Twitter, and visit Keyboardio website at

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