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104: Becoming a Software Engineer with Sharon DeCaro

The first step to mastering any skill is demystifying it. However, this is not easy to achieve on your own, and often masters of the craft around you are not as helpful as you would hope.

It is easy to forget how it is to be a novice once we achieve expertise in some field, and this leads many of us to lose the ability to introduce the craft to the incoming forces patiently and in simple terms. 

Today we talk with Sharon DeCaro. Sharon has been working as a software engineer for five years. However, this wasn't her career choice when she enrolled in the mathematics and music program at her university. Listen to Sharon as she tells us about her journey into the software industry, the hurdles she encountered, and the ways she overcame them to become a software engineer. 

When you finish listening to this episode, make sure to connect with Sharon on LinkedIn.

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