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105: Software Interior Design with Ester Daniel Ytterbrink

A big part of dealing with legacy systems is not on the level of software architecture but interior design.

The code needs to be welcoming for people who use it and maintain it, free of clutter, clean and tidy. 

Today we talk with Ester Daniel Ytterbrink. Ester Daniel is a coder who likes to think about how people work as a group to create great software sustainably. They have a blog (Chocolate Driven Development) where they write about software development with human interaction and psychology in focus. They tell us about the main principles of software interior design, guiding you to build more comfortable, functional, and efficient code. 

When you finish listening to the episode, visit Ester Daniel's blog, where you can connect with them and get some great ideas. 

Mentioned in this episode:

Ester Daniel on Twitter at

Chocolate Driven Development Blog at

Douglas Squirrel, et al, Agile Conversations: Transform your Conversations, Transform Your Culture at 

Don Norman, The Design of Everyday Things at

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