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106: Monorepos with Darko Fabijan

Many IT industry giants (including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber, Airbnb, and Twitter) employ gigantic monorepos to scale build systems and version control software.

Although only recently named, monorepos have been around for several decades. 

Today we talk with Darko Fabijan. Darko is the co-founder of Semaphore CI, where he and his team explore new tools and ideas that improve developers’ lives. We dive deep into the benefits and challenges the transition to and utilization of monorepos can bring to your workflow and software development practice. 

When you finish listening to the episode, connect with Darko on Twitter and visit the Semaphore CI website at, where you will find great solutions for decluttering your workflow. 

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Darko on Twitter at

Semaphore CI at

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