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108: Computer Science with Sy Brand (and Their Cats)

Many programming concepts seem too complex and intimidating to outsiders.

That is perhaps the main reason why writing code remains such an exclusive profession, even in the age where virtually everything depends on a written code! But does everything have to be so complicated? 

Today, we talk with Sy Brand, Microsoft C++ Developer Advocate, and a specialist for compilers and debuggers for embedded accelerators. Sy is also known for their YouTube Channel - Computer Science with Sy's Cats - where they explain programming and computer science concepts with household objects and cats. After watching only a few of Sy's videos, you will feel that programming can, and should, be much more approachable and inclusive. 

When you finish listening to the episode, connect with Sy on Twitter, start following their YouTube channel, and check out one of their live coding sessions at Twitch

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