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117: System Resiliency with Briana Augenreich

Everyone wants their software system to be resilient - to continue carrying out its mission-critical tasks in the face of disruption or adversity.

But resiliency has its cost, and not just in a material sense. With resiliency, your system becomes more complex and harder to maintain. That is why we always have to balance our resiliency requirement with other non-functional requirements around the system. 

Today we talk with Briana Augenreich, a Senior Software Engineer at HubSpot. Briana wears many hats in the software engineering world, but she officially calls herself backend and infrastructure engineer. Briana has extensive experience working with large and complex mission-critical systems. This gives her unique insight on finding the right measure while striving for resiliency. 

When you finish listening to the episode, connect with Briana on LinkedIn. 

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