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121: Reading Code with Felienne Hermans

Coders spend most of their time reading rather than writing code. Yet, when you look at the undergraduate programs, boot camps, and conferences, everything seems to be dedicated to code production.

Today we talk with Felienne Hermans. Felienne is an associate professor at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science at Leiden University and the author of the book The Programmer's Brain. She also developed Hedy, a new programming language that makes it easier for kids to learn textual programming. She tells us how to help young programmers better understand both the code they are working with and their own cognition. 

After you finish listening to the episode, connect with Felienne on LinkedIn and Twitter, visit her website at, and make sure to check out her book

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Felienne on LinkedIn at 

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Hedy Programming language at 

The Programmer’s Brain at

Empathy in Tech at 

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