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139: Process Improvement with Stefanni Brasil

Every once in a while, it is wise to stop for a second and think about why we do things in a specific way and whether we need to change something. This is where rethinking processes kick in.

Today we talk with Stefanni Brasil, a co-founder of hexdevs, a senior developer at Thoughtbot, and a core maintainer of faker-ruby. Stefanni is also a co-host of the hexdevs podcast, a show helping developers take their Ruby career to the next level. 

She tells us about her keen interest in processes, why they matter, and when the time is ripe to reevaluate them. 

When you finish listening to the episode, visit Stefanni's blog, check out the Hexdevs website, and listen to the hexdevs podcast. 

Mentioned in this episode:

hexdevs website at

hexdevs podcast at

Thoughtbot at 

Marry Lynn Manns, Linda Rising, Fearless Change, Patterns for Introducing New Ideas at

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