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93: Trans-Inclusive Design with Erin White

We like to think that technology is our objective and neutral assistant, our faithful lieutenant constrained with science and armed with cold, hard data. But this is incorrect.

Technology reflects the attitudes of humans who created it. It contains our biases and our preconceived notions. It reflects who we are while distorting our perception of who we think we are, transforming our impulse for binary simplifications into the strict binary framework of ones and zeroes. Inevitably, this leaves some folks out. 

Today we talk with Erin White, Head of digital engagement at Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries in Richmond, VA, on their fascination with the intersections of equity, justice, and computer systems. Erin tells us how technology can both advance and hamper the achievements of social equality, and how inclusive software design can help us realize our own biases and remove them from our code. 

After you finish listening to the episode, make sure you connect with Erin on LinkedIn and Twitter, where they write about technology and progressive politics.

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