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99: Adding Tests to Legacy Systems with Floyd Hilton

Many legacy systems lack adequate test coverage. They might not have much coverage at all, or the existing tests might be inefficient or paint a wrong picture about the stability of the system.

Enhancing test coverage in legacy applications is a complex task with many pitfalls. 

Today we talk with Floyd Hilton, a software developer with many years of experience in multiple domains, including semiconductor manufacturing, financial aid delivery, energy conservation, and healthcare. He co-founded the Augusta Polyglot Group, which meets once a month to teach and learn new languages. Floyd's current interest is in finding the best strategies for adding testing to existing software systems. He shares with us some of these strategies and the tools he uses when beefing up test coverage in legacy systems. 

When you finish listening to the episode, make sure to connect with Floyd on Twitter and LinkedIn, and visit his website at

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